Why Just Hours?

Everyone in Washington, D.C. deserves fair wages, stable hours and predictable schedules in order to build a good life.


Too many of our neighbors who prepare our food, stock our shelves and sweep our floors work for employers who grant them too few hours, assign schedules that can change at a moment’s notice, or keep them on call without being able to guarantee them paid hours.


Having an erratic schedule and insufficient hours make it extremely difficult to budget monthly expenses, to arrange childcare or elder care, pursue education or training, or hold down a second job to make ends meet.

D.C.’s employers can do better, and our elected representatives can set commonsense standards for stable work schedules.

We have one of the strongest minimum wage laws in the country. We led the charge for paid sick days. We can continue rewriting the rules to make Washington, D.C. a great place to live, work and sustain a family.

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